I need something that would alert me if my spouse needed help from me

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LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency Alert System, 1ct $229.88..Walmart stock number# 0085745600108
Call up to four custom contacts and then the 911 emergency operator with the touch of one button on the pendant.

•Up to 16 pendants can be matched to a base unit
•Programmable up to 4 numbers
•No monthly fees, activation fees or contracts
•Water resistant
•Comes with lanyard, wrist strap and belt clip for three convenient methods of carrying pendant.

LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Alert System, 1ct $133.12..
•Two-way voice communication in cordless pendant
•Water resistant pendant
•System test and battery test functions
•Audible confirmations through pendant during dialing, shutdown, and system tests
•Auto Standby after 4 minutes of inactivity
•Pendant powered by AAA Alkaline battery
•Base Station
•7’ phone cord for the base
•AC adaptor
•Belt Clip for pendant
•AAA Alkaline battery
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I heard that Walmart carries a home alert system for the elderly.I think it cost around $100.No prescription or monthly charges required.I don't remember the brand name of it.Go to Walmart online and search for it.The system I looked at online wasn't like life alert.It didn't call a service company.I was told the device gives you the opton to program a phone number or 911 to call when the button is pushed.But,it didn't have GPS.I know it was a neckless type device with base.
I was told life alert cost too much money.And half the time elderly people don't remember to push the button.There is a life alert device style out their that has GPS other then life alert but,I don't recall.Search online you will find it.
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Not a pager per se, but we bought my mom a Freedom Alert. You program a sequence of numbers for it to call when the button is pressed -- in her case me, my bother and sister. Works great, lets her feel totally secure living alone. One-time purchase, no monthly charges, requires a land line to call out on; the called numbers can be land line or cell, local or LD.
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