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Oxygen mechanism doesn't work. Any advice?


Instead the doctors say that some dust particles are present inside his lungs which has led to this problem.
Never in his life he has smoked, nor he is alcoholic. yes, but one thing he has worked in a manufacturing company.. which produces ferroalloys. I think, because of the coal dust which takes part in manufacturing process has filled up the void spaces inside the lungs.

But, It has been 3 years he is retired now. Now he gets more breathing problems whenever he steps out. I think the dust on the road has also entered into the lungs.

But sir, thank you so much for kind response. May I know your email Id and contact number so that I can contact you for which I shall remain ever grateful to you.

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He needs a complete physical with bloodwork and chest x-rays. Guessing "I think" does not solve the problem. See the MD asap.
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Breathing problems, such as having trouble catching his breath, can also be related to his heart and blood pressure. Thus, your best bet is to communicate this to his doctor, if the patient has given permission to the doctor to discuss this matter with you.
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If you are having problems with the oxygen mechanism, I would think your best bet is discuss it with your pulmonologist.
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