the person likes for people to thing he is rich and he lives in a tiny cabin in the woods. he claimed he had been a navy seal and then in the mob. he is sue crazy right now. If he can not get his way he sues the people or business. he can only hold a job for a few months and then he shots off his mouth and the fire him and he sues them. he is always talking about hurting or killing anyone who crosses him but he has 4 cats he dots on. I am concerned for my safety but he tends to follow me until he gets some other older 55 ish women with an inheirtance in his sites. he has told me he lived in a storage unit for a few years in order to build his initaion 1934 Packard car. he tells me of dreams he has of when he lived in the 1930's. when he gets angrey he breaks things, like his cell phone, or anything he can throw. He is a huge body builder I do not believe he takes steriods

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I second the idea that he is mentally ill.
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Hmm... I am missing any link to caregiving here.
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The man sounds mentally ill. You should take steps to distance yourself from him for your own protection.
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