Brother separated 2012 (divorced 2013) and have bank statements from 2012 although no idea where some of his deposits came from nor is he able to help due to brain injury. They are also requiring statements back to 2009 and have no idea where he might have banked (he was not on good terms with ex wife).How does one obtain this info or be able to explain deposits to Medicaid?

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I am in the same boat dobieowner. Medicaid is looking for explanations on my dad's 5 year look back, but he has a, inoperable grade 4 glioblastoma (brain tumor). He is only 65 and had no idea until an episode last Thanksgiving and has been hospitalized ever since. He is declining at a rapid pace and only has a few months at best. He has next to no short term memory and can't even remember his email password that he has used day in and day out for years, let alone why he wrote a check to cash 2 years ago. Even if he did remember he can't communicate anymore, most of what he says is gibberish or nonsensical. I have absolutely no way of knowing the who, what, when and where of his banking. I have copies of the checks written but many are to cash. My dad barely got by, he has *no* hidden money. Lived in a trailer after losing his home and vehicle when he was unable to find work. He lives on SSI and still has to borrow money from my grandma from time to time. We don't even know how we will be able to pay for cremation and services.

I also don't understand why they are requesting info on deposits and minimal transfers (five for $60-$100 to my brother and I)?? I understand money out, but money in? How is that any of their business, and why does it matter who it was from? Money coming in and being spent on bills, personal items, food, etc is not being hidden?

I don't know what to do? Please help???
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Having gone through the Medicaid application process myself, Medicaid expects one to know one's business.

So there are bank statements from 2012 that have deposits on them, is that right? And brother has no idea where those deposits came from? Who was depositing money in his account in 2012? Social security? Disability? On my online banking info it shows the deposit and who the money came from. It may be abbreviated but I can still tell who the deposit was from.

Yes, Medicaid does a 5 year look back which is why you've been asked to provide banking statements back from 2009. Can your brother ask his ex-wife where they banked in 2009? Does your brother have files that can tell you where he banked in 2009?

To obtain statements from previous years you will have to go to the bank and have an appointment with a personal banker. (S)he will be able to pull up that information and give you those statements. The bank will give this information only to your brother unless you are your brother's POA.

I know going back 5 years is a long time when you're tracking down banking transactions but think back to what your brother was doing 5 years ago. Deposits are either from:

-- Paycheck, in which part if not all of the company's name will be associated with the deposit.

-- Social Security benefits, and the deposit will indicate that these deposits came from social security. Plus, it would be the same amount every month which will make it easier to identify.


-- Personal deposits: monetary gifts from friends and/or family. These might be in odd amounts. $100 here, $50 there, etc.

The good news is that there is a paper trail. You just have to find it.
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Pull his old tax returns, that should give you a hint. The bank should be able to give you images of the deposited checks. If he was married five years ago, Medicaid will be looking at her stuff. You will need the divorce decree as well, because it shows how assets were divided. If Medicaid suspects the divorce was done to hide assets, they will be very grumpy about it.
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