Help! My mom is in a comfort care center on hospice. She is constantly asking for help with her bowels and claims that they won't help her. She feels like she always has to go and that she hasn't gone , however she has been going. She puts her hand in there trying to take care of the problem herself (sorry TMI). She said she wants to go to another place where a doctor will help her. I've spoken to her hospsie nurse and she said that my mom is going, and that a doctor can't do anything and that its most likely her cancer/ (she has metestatic bone that has gone to her bones and she has tumors on her spine that are now probably pushing.) Every conversation is the same thing. I need to find her another place, call another doctor, I need to go to the bathroom and they won't help me. It's just not true. I dread calling her and talking to her. She doesn't realize that they aren't going to fix her,there is nothing more to fix. She is in comfort care on hospice. Her nurse today is going to try to convince her to take more pain meds to help but she is stubborn as an ox and usually won't take more. It's a viscous cycle that won't end.

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Shed; Are they giving her antianxiety meds? This sounds like agitation and anxiety to me. Ask them today if you can.

And let us know how YOU and she are doing. We care.
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