30yrold has convinced my aunt to open a joint bank acctTHis 30 yr old man worked at Costo with my firends Aunt. She has been placed in a ALF home. He visits her every week. She is a 80 yrs widow. He has convinced her to open a bank acct with him. She has "fallen in love with him" and he is taking money ourt of the acct little by little. She wants to sell her home and or give it to him so they can "live together". My frined has a power of attorny for her health but not her finances. The 30 yr old has applied for financing for the house and has been denied. He convinced her to open the acct with him to show that he has money to qualify for the house. In the mean time he has an ATM and is going to $60.00 lunches, gas money etc on our Aunts expense. What can we do???

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Few more suggestions...

Costco would have had to have him complete IRS forms unless they paid him under the table. I don't think they would reveal if he has a green card but it's worth a try.

Contact the Floida state government and find out if they have an elder law hotline. We have one in Michigan. I've gotten excellent advice for free, but it is income based. They might have other suggestions.
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OMG - this just gets worse. You're right - contact the INS. (actually now the Citizenship and Immigration Services).
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Thank you so much for your response. I believe you are right , this is not this guys first rodeo! I'm also checking to see if he is a legal alien. He is originally from Colombia so that might be another way of getting more information.

I will let you know what we find out and if there are any numbers to share with others who might be going through similar situations,
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Using all my brain cells here to try to think of some helpful solutions, while not getting angry at this guy's exploitation of an innocent elderly lady. GRRR!

The aunt seems lonely and probably very vulnerable. Could someone work with the ALF activities staff to find ways to involve her more with the other residents so she doesn't feel quite so lonely?

Still, I know the attraction a young man can present.

What are the possibilities of moving her to an ALF facility in Chicago, if she would even consider it?

I just hate to suggest that she be evaluated for dementia, but perhaps that's what the nephew should do. It doesn't sound as if she's thinking clearly.

If he did get legal and financial control, he could stop the financial abuse, but I believe he'd have to institute conservatorship proceedings in order to get that control. And that would probably turn Auntie against him forever.

It occurs to me that this guy is slick, as if this isn't the first time he's done this. He seems to know all the right moves to prey on someone. You might contact the state and local police in Florida and ask if they can do a criminal background check, or even do one yourself for the Florida Dept. of Corrections. However, it wouldn't surprise me if he has records in other states and under different names.

I found several hits for the Florida Dept. of Corrections, inmate search

Michigan lists incarcerated felons as well as parolees. Check this guy out to see if he's got a record. Michigan also lists aliases that are known; maybe Florida does as well.

If he does have a record, and/or if he's on parole, ask either the police, check the department of corrections website, and/or call the parole officer to ask what conditions of parole are.

If staying away from elderly women is one, document everything and send it to the parole officer, who might at least violate his parole and/or make no contact with the aunt a condition of parole.

If you can find out who her insurance agent is, let them know he's driving the car. Unless she's added him as an additional insured, her car won't be covered for damages if he has an accident. And worse yet, if there are injuries and an eventual suit, she'll be named as a party defendant. The insurance agent might also have some suggestions, and there may be justification to cancel her policy.

I would think the Miami APS could investigate, and it may be that they're pretty busy given that Florida is a haven for the elderly so they haven't had time to get to the issue.

But please do contact the local police and see what you can learn. I just have a gut feeling this guy is a serial predator.

Good luck, and please keep us updated.
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Thank you for your response. This lady has been in my life since I was 1 yrs old ( I am now 51) so I call her my aunt but she is legally of no relation to me. She is a widow living in Miami with no children but has a niece and nephew in Chicago, Il with a POA for her health not finances. Her nephew came down to Miami to visit her and get to the bottom of all of this and was surprised when he took her to the bank that she had an account with this guy. The bank said she is the owner of the account and as long as she could say yes or no they couldn't do anything about it. Her nephew convinced them to print out a statement with her there present and he was able to see the guys ATM transactions. When he showed them to my "aunt" she said it didn't matter that she goes with him to these lunches. Which is not true. He goes to visit her and only takes her to the bank.

The ALF personnel are very aware of this guys actions and have confirmed with us that he is after her money and that she is not acting in her right mind. She actually becomes like a little girl all goo eyed in front of this guy. She met him a few years back when she worked part time at Costco as the "sample" lady. She is very trusting and I'm sure she felt lonely and vulnerable. He drives her car and now wants her house. I called the elderly hotline for our area in Miami and left a message for guidance. Cant they at at least evaluate her and investigate this guy?

We are all so upset over this and feel helpless for her..
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First, be very certain these statements and allegations are correct and accurate. It sounds as though you're getting them second hand from your friend's aunt.

There are some serious allegations here and you need to be certain of their accuracy if you're going to act on behalf of someone for whom you have no legal authority. Best thing to do is pass along the information you receive here and have your friend, who only has a health care POA, take action. Does the aunt have any children, any other relatives who might have a Durable POA?

Does the friend's aunt have any diagnosis of dementia? If so, are you and your friend certain she's not imagining these things? I'm not questioning her integrity, just emphasizing that before anyone makes accusations, you need to ensure they're accurate.

Assuming they are, tell your friend to call Adult Protective Services for that area. Contact the police as well. Ask them if there's any kind of anti-fraud unit or elder abuse unit to whom the incident can also be reported, although it might be advisable to first let APS and the police investigate to lay the groundwork to share with any special unit.

Contact the ALF management and ask if they can restrain this man from visiting. They'd have to have some method of screening and identifying him, but perhaps they can.

Your friend should also contact the bank, ASAP, explain the situation, and ask what is necessary to remove the gigolo's name as a signatory. Probably the aunt would have to do that.

Your friend should find out what bank/financial institution was applied to for the loan and notify them. I don't know if they'd take action, but at least they would know about the ruse if he attempts again.

Contact the local Costco and ask to speak to the Manager. Tell him about the employee. It's possible he was fired from Costco or engaging in some type of fraud there as well. Even if not, Costco may be contacted for references, and the manager should be careful what he says.

How is it that you and/or your friend know about this man's ATM (account) and $60 lunches? Are these showing up on the aunt's checking account? Credit card account?

In your last statement you refer to "our aunts" expense. If this aunt your aunt or your friend's aunt?
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