Not enough time...Unless anyone knows of a magical benefit that doesn't take months to receive? -

Not enough time...Unless anyone knows of a magical benefit that doesn't take months to receive?


My dad who is 85 and a Veteran of War qualifies for the Aid and Attendance program. But even if we go with a lawyer to speed things up ($700) it will take 3 months. He has stage 4 cancer and lost his wife last month. We brought him into our home to care for him and try to sell his home. It's been difficult in various ways including cost. Hospice comes in once a week for pain management. But he most likely won't make it 3 months and certainly not 9. We can't afford the $700 in any case. We could very much use help but unfortunately we don't have months to try. I'm unsure if he qualifies for anything else but it would most likely be the same problem. I guess that wasn't a question. Unless anyone knows of a magical benefit that doesn't take months to receive. Ü Nancy



The funds are retroactive so they start the day you apply . So if it takes 6 months to a year to get the VA you would get the money after the fact but at least you would be reimbursed.
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My mind is a blank but;
Call his doctor's office, call the VA, call the Agency on Aging, call hospice. Ask if there's a way to get assistance with his care or placement (I'm not sure what it is you are wanting) without having money available at the moment.

Call an elder law attorney (get listing from your local Senior Center) to see if they will take his case on contingency or if he can pay once his house sells (written agreement).

Call Medicaid and get an emergency issue for care.
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I agree with others-get to a VA hospital-they are wonderful and very caring. Also, the service organizations (VFW, DAV, American Legion, etc.) will help with the paperwork to apply for aid & attendance. And it will be retroactive to the date you apply. I've gone through this twice-once for my mom and another time for my brother in law.
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I’m not sure what state you are in, but you should look into putting him in a veterans nursing home. There are 7 in my state and it took a couple months to get my dad into the closest one to us, but there was immediate availability at the ones further away. I started to apply for aide and attendance, but once I started going through my parents’ assets with the representative, we both realized it wouldn’t go through with what they had. Your father might qualify, but it is a rigorous process and any omission or mistake on the application can make you have to start all over again.
Look into a veterans nursing home. They only charge what the veteran brings in a month - SS, pension, etc. I know it was a lifesaver for us financially and for peace of mind.
Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options.
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Nancygail, get him to a VA hospital with a hospice unit. They are wonderful. Everything will be paid for by the VA. They do have them. My father died at one.
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Go to your local county VA office(free). It will take time but you would be reemburesed. Back check from time you applied. Also I agree. V A nursing home. Also maybe FMLA for yourself if you take off work. God bless, and good thoughts sent your way. Does dad have any cash? Use it it's for him. We're in Cleve area if that's close, maybe more answers.
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Nancy...3 months, try 5 years. My husband was receiving benefits when he passed. I was entitled to Spousal support. No matter what I did or records I turned over to them, they always sent a letter stating DENIED. Now I am coming close to the end of my life. How wonderful it would be to have my spousal support to help pay for independent living. This all hinged on one doctors statement and that doctor refused to write a letter to VA. I thought VA should have the right to get that doctor to talk. I should have hired an attorney day one. You should do the same. The government does not want to pay anything out. My husband lived with his disability and pain until it killed him. ASK VA if you are entitled to these fund even after his death. Sorry to have to tell you. That was 10 years ago and they are so happy I finally left them alone. And, don't count on John McCain for any help.
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Nancy.....One more thing....They tried to throw me off by telling me his records were destroyed during battle. Isn't it interesting that a Veteran helped me and they FOUND the records. That Veteran was demoted for helping me. I guess he had words for his supervisor.
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Stage 4 cancer and he probably isn't far away. This is the stage that it's already spread to other body organs. Is he getting hospice ? We had 24/7 home healthcare for about a week after discharge from the ICU for heart failure. That was expensive by the hour. We were assessing if I could provide that if he continued for a longer period of time. His condition/issue was low oxygen to brain & body organs. On an oxygen machine, he was between 90-100 for spO2 level for the better part of 5 days, when it dropped to low to mid 80's, then into the 70's hospice placed him on morphine and within 24 hours he passed. Cancer is another level though and stage 4 without seeing it, he may be closer to the end than what is predictable ? That's where dad was. We had home health for catheter changes and had they not come in that day to requalify for Medicare, he would've passed away without the 5 days of ICU to stabilize him long enough to get him home. The Oxygen and whatever IV they had him on was his life support system at the very end.
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My sister was a Commandeer in the Navy and her son, my nephew, went to a military lawyer. Did you go directly to a lawyer in the military and if not, contact one. They know how to circumvent the system.
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