I care for my mom & uncle with dementia. Uncle puts his hands in his 2-3 layers of diapers, gets poop everywhere. On the screened in patio, living room sofa, in the car. The worst is in bed at night. LUCKILY he only poops every 2-3 days. I've been putting duct tape on his diaper & outside his sweats or PJ pants. It helps. The VA Dr has him on new meds to calm his occasional aggression, his cognitive abilities are 100% better. The Dr consulted w/psychologists & psychiatrists & they're looking for placement. I've been caring for him for 2 years, 4 for mom. Just curious if ANYONE on the planet has dealt with this. He lived in horrible conditions b4 mom & I found out. I gave POA to his "church friend" when mom broke her wrist. They were supposed to pay his bills, he was w/o water, heat/air, & didn't pay the mortgage for a year. Not sure if this poop issue is from his living situation or the dementia. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. I'm sitting in a wheelchair in the bathroom doorway as I type this, encouraging him to PUSH, & don't touch your butt!

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Do you u mean you encouraged Uncle to give it to a friend and not you.
you personally can't give POA to anyone for another person. Your Uncle has to assign someone.

At this point your Uncle does need more care than you can give him. Hope he gets placed soon. Personally, after cleaning up a big mess my Mom made that took me 3 hrs to clean up, I swore if it happened again I would place her. I cried while I was cleaning it up. Thats when she had no more coffee or fruit juices.
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