BEWARE OF "GOOD HANDS IN HOME CARE". They took a deposit for over $6000.00. We thought & the Docs thought my wife would be coming home. So to be prepared "GOOD HANDS IN HOME CARE" came to the house. Talked to us, said they need a deposit. The start date was TBD. My wife passed away before we used them. I found out later a Honorable Care Giver Company that is reputable does not ask for a deposit. Being elderly, under stress, confused & trying to get ready for my wife to come home, I never expected at my age of almost 80 yrs old to be scamed. I asked for my deposit back as they didn't incur any expense or render any service. They do not return my calls, I leave messages with their "supposed" office mangers for Charise to call me to no avail. It appears that everyone that answers the phone (WHEN they do answer it" is a office mgr. & will give her the message to call me. Charise is suppose to be Managing Director. I can not get a call back. In my opinion they remove articles from the internet, etc. that show bad reviews, then it appears that they post good reviews to make the comp. look good. My opinion is they are a scam comp. that takes & prays on the elderly, takes your deposit & runs with it knowing they will not comply with there service. I contacted Home Care Services Bureau & sent them Items they requested. They indicated that they have a person that handles GOOD HANDS IN HOME CARE & others. This indicates to me I am not they only one scamed by them. Any Ideas how I can get my deposit back or who I can contact?

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Quit spamming this please. Once was enough.
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One of his posts was indeed removed...I had responded to it and directed him to read the replies on his other posts because there was good advice & I warned him the new post might get removed because it violates the TOS here-he posted the name and address of the service he’s having a problem with.
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JoAnn29 Mar 26, 2020
Ohhhhhh, I missed that one. And makes sense it was taken down.
Your posts have not been removed. Ur first post received replies that u answered to. The second post was a duplicate but u got responses. Now this one. You can see them by clicking the circle with a V in it. That will take you to ur profile. Click on following and will see ur posts. Each day people post. Posts just keep moving down. If replied to, they move back up. If not, they keep moving down. Your last post was replied to, the last time, on the 23rd. So its just moved further down.
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Sue them in small claims court if the AG in your state has no success getting your money returned. (No attorney is allowed in small claims, but see if you can get some help doing this from a friend or family member.

Judges take a very dim view of such predatory practices.
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Did you have any luck with the suggestions made in your first thread?

I believe I suggested Better Business Bureau; were you able to contact them?
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I am sorry for your loss. May God give you strength and grieving mercies during this difficult time.

Contact the Attorney General of your state and explain that this company has essentially stolen 6k from a vulnerable senior (you) and ask them to help you. You will get results.
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