Need Help, Running out of energy, friends, people that believe me. East side Las Vegas NV. No phone

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Your local agency on aging can evaluate your mother and guide you to services available in your area.
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You state in your profile that your mom has ALZ disease. I don’t think you are able to handle this situation on your own anymore. Call APS if you have to. Gracefully exit from this situation.

It doesn’t seem like she is willing to cooperate and you will sink with the ship if you choose to stay on board with her.

Best wishes to you. Hugs!
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Grobin. you don’t give much information here and it’s not really possible for us to give you a good answer. For example, who is she being abused by? Do you have proof of this abuse? Have you ever called Adult Protective Services if you do?

If your mother does not see a problem with her situation and she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s/dementia, there isn’t much you can do. This may not be a “fixable” problem. It sounds like she may have a history of not making good decisions and that’s something else you can’t fix without her cooperation.

I would start with APS and if they see a problem you can go from there.
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