What is the next step for a mother who is 88, physically fine but going down mentally, memory wise?


My mother lives alone about 7 blocks from our home. I take her every day for lunch; errands and groceries. She does not eat the food, however, and throws it away a few days later. She refuses to go to assisted living and refusing anyone's help but mine. My husband needs my attention too; and I do run my own business and am quite busy. I have siblings but they want to enjoy their life and come to my aid infrequently. Her memory is slipping slowly and she repeats herself constantly. If she moves in with my husband and I I'm afraid she'll slip faster without her normal surroundings. Any suggestions?

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A lot of people this age consider what their doctors to say is gospel, BUT they aren't telling the doctors everything. Can you talk to her doctor? Maybe have a family consult appointment?
2 years ago we went through something similar. My husband and sister confronted my MIL and talked her into getting some tests done. We went through a few doctors but finally found one who listen to her and us.
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