I have been my mother's POA for 13 years due to her dementia. I've handled all of her SSI via her checking acct which I have access to and the bank is aware I an her POA. I recently moved to Florida, my mother is in a personal care home in GA. Yesterday I called SSI to request a change of address only to be informed that they don't recognize POA. I had no idea and didn't know I was to establish representative payee after all these years. It seems now I have raised a red flag when I called but I was only trying to do the right thing to continue to receive her 1099 SSI to continue to file her taxes, etc as a POA. I was so frustrated after waiting on the phone for 60 min to be treated rudely and ignorantly by customer service. I myself am a RN for 31 years, I am now 52 and I help patients with kindness, patience and respect when they are at a knowledge deficient about their health, procedures, diagnoses,etc. My heart hurts because of my ignorance regarding representative payee and I feel I have failed her because of my knowledge deficit. The SSI said to bring her in with her ID to receive the 1099, however my mother's dementia has progressed to Alzheimers. She doesn't know who I am and babbles incoherently, she is also bedridden, how am I going to take her, can't do that, is my next step establishing representive payee? Will her checks be discontinued now that I have ignorantly alerted them until this is established? Will they go back 13 years? I am frustrated, confused and mentally exhausted. Appreciate any help that this community can offer. THANKS AND GOD BLESS

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