I need some one to help me find a good place for my friend that has Dementia.


So no social worker has helped but hand me some book's add more Details? May be you all don't see that it been 9 yrs. just me trying to get a place for her. Social workers told one time at the Hospital. That was Eden Hospital Castro Valley, Ca. an that said OH SHE MUST HAVE FELL BETWEEN THE CRACKS! That is the words they said! An then they let her go with no social worker, two weeks for a motel , an two weeks for food! What kind of Doctor an Hospital would do a thing like that! EDEN Hospital did an the Dr. Name was Dr. Strong. Now tell me what you would do!

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Yes. You may also help your friend by having them have all their financial, health and insurance coverage information available including if they were vet or spouse of a vet. You with or without your friend should also visit 2 or 3 that seem good and meet with director, staff and speak with the residents and their loved ones to get their recommendation, see if it appears to be a good fit. Most of all, be open minded and willing to give an adjustment period.
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Hello dodyloves1,

What an awful situation. I am including the link below to our directory where you can search for memory care facilities in your friend's area. An advisor will contact you once you fill out the form to help you further in the process.


I wish you the best,
Melissa R.
The AgingCare.com Team
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