Do I have to have an attorney to get financial POA set up in Kansas?


My grandmother is passing, we can get medical POA set up with a notary/ or two witnesses. My concern is financial POA/ executor status or personal representative once she passes. I spoke with an attorney and it is very expensive to get these things in place. DO you HAVE to have an attorney in Kansas to accomplish this?

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Not all attorneys are that pricey for a POA. Call your local Area Agency on Aging & they may be able to offer low cost or free advice. To have it done properly I would advise an attorney after you locate important documents that pamstegman noted.
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If she is close to death, all you need is Hospice. If she has a Will, find it, it will tell you who the Executor is. If she does not have a Will and is close to death, again you are too late to do anything.
Find her burial plot deed. Call a funeral director and plan the funeral. Depending on the size of her estate, you may have to hire a lawyer for probate.
I did write my father's Will and he signed it, but he was in good health at the time. Now is too late.
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