If doctor signs incompetency at request of APS, and I'm DPOA - do I have to take on both financial and "care" for my mother? DPOA covers financial and healthcare. APS is involved and advised "we might not have to go to court". What should I be doing once incompetency is documented and DPOA is invoked? Who has been down this road before? Help me avoid pitfalls.

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My mom died suddenly 3 years ago and I "inherited" my mean, selfish, racist, homophobic grandma. I was too stupid to run away from her as fast as everyone else in her life has. I was the last woman standing. 3 years I've taken care of her every single day. And because I took her to the dr after my mom died and did her grocery shopping, I've been on the hook ever since. I have had to put up with her daily verbal abuse, manipulation and just plain ugliness. This last July I had enough. But was told I "can and will be charged with abandonment". I'm getting her qualified for medicaid and found an assisted living facility. God willing, she will be there soon. I still have to be "in charge" but will not have to go through this day after day. Run. Far far away.
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