My mother has Parkinson's and over this past year it's been getting worse. She's had 4 serious falls, every side of her car is dented and scratched, she doesn't remember how to use her computer like she used to do she's unable to keep her businesses finances in order.

We were looking for a mother/daughter to move into when one of Mom's homes became available. The house is less than 2 minute ride down the street from her home, so we decided my family would move there so it'd be easier to spend time with her every day and we'd be right there if she needed anything.

My younger brother is addicted to drugs and alcohol and is emotionally and verbally abusive to my mom until she gives him whatever he wants. Since my father's death she had purchased him a home and a new van and currently pays all off his bills. She makes excuses for him (he's the baby). My older brother is extremely narcissistic and abuses my mom the same way my younger brother does. My husband and I have two teens and a one year old, we started our own business two years ago, and we help my mom full time. If she calls at 3-4am we go straight to her house. We do EVERYTHING.

My older brother somehow convinced my mom to use my dad's oldest will (which simply left everything to mom) and destroy the newest will which put everything into separate trusts that she could access if she needed it for medical reasons, but she was given a very nice income off if the rental properties. Anyway, so now nothing is protected. So my brother's are trying to make my mom give my younger brother control of the largest property so he can make an income off of that, which she has done but she still "controls it". Meanwhile I've been trying to stop my brothers from abusing and taking advantage of my mom, so I've become their enemy. They are now doing everything in their power to discredit my husband and I, to make mom not trust us, and trying to make her think that the relationship my mom and I have is a problem and that I am the person taking advantage of her.

I am beginning to feel like my family is now at risk, because we gave up our home to live in my mother's rental home so we could be closer to her and have more flexibility to be there when she needs us.

We are completely lost and scared. Is there anything I can do to protect my mother from my brothers? Is there anything I can do to protect my family?

My father was very abusive towards my mom, and I feel like she just naturally does whatever there boys tell her because it's easier on her that way.

Thank you

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Is your mom competent? Maybe a visit to an elder law attorney could help her to understand why she should not be doling out the money. But, if she is competent she has the right to make her own bad decisions, no matter how bad you think they may be.
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