I am in a retirement community. We don't have a house. I need a retirement home that will let us live together.

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centanarian, what you are going through is a common situation when one spouse needs a village to take care of them. And the remaining spouse does not qualify to be in memory care.

Thus, go visit your wife as much as you can. You will find going back to your home and getting a good night sleep is the best thing you can do for wife and for your health.

As you have probably noticed, at memory care, the facility has either 2 or 3 shifts of employees per day. That break is needed so not to emotionally drain the workers. You would also follow that lead, as difficult as it might be.
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Are you in the US? Can you find a social worker at your local Area on Aging office to speak with? The social workers usually have a very good idea of what facilities are available and what they offer.

We didn't find any memory care homes that had housing for a spouse, but we did find two options where the spouse could live on the same campus. Does your retirement community have access to a geriatric social worker? I think one would be very helpful to you.
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Have you been able to spend much time in the MC unit? I ask that, because, it can be a very intense place to be. There tends to be a lot of behavior that might be challenging to handle for someone who does not have dementia to live with around the clock. I might explore as others have said, another wing at the facility, so you can spend quality time, but, be able to retire to your room fo get needed rest. There may be places that allow a person without dementia to reside in MC unit, but, I've never heard of it.
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