I've been taking carbo/levodopa 25-100 mg, 2 tablets, 3x daily. If I take a 50-200 mg CR tablet in the morning, would dinner time or a little later in the evening be best to take the second dose for the day?

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Yes, ask the doctor or pharmacist for clarification, I would have expected you are to take them at 12 hour intervals.
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As Jeanne stated, you need to ask your neurologist.
I hate it when a doctor says " take 2 times a day or 3 times day" and does not give you any specific times to when you should take the medication.
If your neurologist does not call you back today, call your Pharmacist. Since this is a new dosage, they should have told you when to take the medication at the time that you picked up your prescription.

Since you WERE taking the medication THREE (3) times a day, at what times were you taking the medication?

Usually when the medication is taken THREE (3) times a day, the first dose is usually taken at breakfast time at 8 AM , the second dose is taken at 2 PM, and the third dose is taken at 8-10 PM with a minimum of 6 HOURS BETWEEN DOSES.

Now that you are taking the 50-200 mg CR tablets TWICE a Day, the medication should be 10-12 hours apart. So if you take the first dose in the morning, at 8 AM, then the second dose could be taken between 6 - 8 PM. If you MISS a dose, DO NOT make up for the missed dose if the next dose is to be taken within the next 2 hours.

Because you have decreased the number of times that you are taking the medication, you might notice that the medication seems to be "wearing-off" as you get close to the time for the next dose. That is why you want to take the medication at regular intervals between doses.

If you have gastric irritation or upset stomach after taking the medication, you can eat some food shortly after taking the medication. However, you need to avoid high-protein meals just before or just after taking the medication as the protein can impair the levodopa's effectiveness.

These guidelines are from a pharmacy drug book, but you need to clarify the times with your doctor.
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Call and leave this question as a message for your neurologist. Someone will ask him/her and get back to you with an answer.

I hope this new dosage will be very successful for you!
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