Despite many reminders and providing pill sorters, still forgets to take her meds. A patch or micro needling would help alleviate that concern. I would even consider a clinical trial if one exists on US East Coast.

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Oh. And after a certain point in dementia it is not safe for a person who has it to live alone. Is there someone who is with your mother at least part of each day? Could this person remind Mom to take her pills and watch her do it, even if the person is not qualified to dispense the medication themselves?
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Even though she only took a couple of pills, getting our mom to take them was the straw that broke the camel's back and lead to the decision she could no longer stay in her apartment.

She had pill organizers and all she had to do was see if the day's box had a pill in it and take it. Forget about that! Then she had a dispenser that beeped until she dispensed a pill. She crawled under the table and unplugged it. She had one that automatically dispensed the pills at the appropriate time. I visited her and found a dish sitting right next to it with a handful of pills. I asked her what they were. Oh the machine keeps spitting them out and she was saving them in case she needed them.

Grrr.... She simply could not wrap her mind around the concept of taking pills even if you didn't have symptoms. Sure, she'd take a blood pressure pill if her ankles swelled up. But when she was fine, she sure wasn't going to take pills.

A patch sounds like an attractive option. I know nothing about them. If you find useful information, come back and tell us about it!
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It's far easier to have someone give her the meds. How do you know if they are taking the meds just because they disappear from the pill sorter? Mom would spit them out or simply throw them away. They can also just peel off a patch. So now I make sure to watch her swallow them just like at the hospital. She'll even stick out her tongue.
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