So hello my name is Joshua. For those that have seen my previous posts you already know this but I am 17 going on 18 and I am at home taking care of my grand mother. My grandmother to me has been a handful recently and I need some advice on what to do with the most recent thing she has been doing. So for context my mom does my grandmother's pill box. She does it because last time we let my grandmother do her own pills she fill her box up way too much, giving her self a lethal dose in each day box. Recently how ever my grandmother has grown estadic. She is on a few pain killers for her leg and other parts. She also is on a slew of other pills prescribed by her doctor. So it is important that she is given the right dose during the day. Now all of a sudden today she grew very mad out of now were and says my mom has no right to organise her pill box. I know and my mom knows she can not do her pill box on her own, but what can we do. If we forcefully take back her pill box is that violating her rights? what do I do?

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JoAnn29, good idea. I would take it a little further and contact the pharmacy have them look at the medications to see if there could be some medications that are not compatible with one another.

I had to take over my Mom's medications because she would forget to take them or not remember which one's she had taken. She had so many about 10 or twelve that she had to take each day. When we would see her doctor, we would always discuss her medications, does she still need this many? Can something be changed? And it's also very important that there only be one pharmacy, so the pharmacist can see all the medications.

Joshua you are a wonderful young man, sending you a great big hug from Texas!
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You may want to google her meds and see what side effects they produce. Look for interactions. If she is on one called Tramadol, its been known to cause hallucinations in the elderly.
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When my mother started this I created a sheet for her. It had the name and dose of each pill, as well as a picture of each pill.
We would do her pill boxes together. We would lay out each day using the paper I created. We could match the number and shape of each pill by putting them on top of the pictures.
Then once we had each day complete, we would gather them and put them in the correct day.
It took much longer, but it was necessary to prevent her from ODing.
Unfortunately, as we become the caregiver, we sometimes have to put our foot down and say that this is the new way we are doing _____. It’s like being a parent and setting rules and boundaries for our kids.
We make as many concessions to their wants and desires as possible, but when it comes to NEEDS & SAFETY, we have no choice.
Good luck and I hope this idea helps.
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No, I don't think it would be a violation of your grandmother's rights.

Do you and your mom live with your grandma? I'm wondering because I wonder if your mom has access to your grandma's pill box and to her medications. If your grandma wants to fill her up pill box then let her but only if your mom can swipe the box later and redo it. Maybe while your grandma is taking a nap or enjoying something on TV.
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You can ask the doctor to send a note about it. I know some people that schedule time and ask the pharmasist to do it.( but they have to agree and do it when its convient for them .. I read about one doing it) Or you can simple ask her to do it and watch .. point out her errors and explain thats why Moms doing it
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Some pharmacies offer to put a customer's pills in blister packs that are put on a stiff piece of cardboard. Unfortunately, your grandmother can punch out as many of the blister packs as she wants as one time. So maybe that won't work.

You state that your grandmother suddenly got mad at your Mom for organizing her medications. Sometimes when an elderly person gets a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), the only symptoms that they exhibit is a change in behavior.

Have your Mom ask your Grandmother if she is experiencing any burning or pain with urination. OR if the urine is cloudy or dark colored. I think that your grandmother needs to see a doctor to rule out a UTI and to determine why her behavior has changed so suddenly.
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