My mother is suffering from advanced dementia and the VNA is still coming over since her last hospital stay. Do we continue VNA care?


Last week she said she would keep coming over for a little more time and see if my mom has improved or if not, maybe she would put her on something that is not hospice but what you go on before that. She said there is an illness that is not going to improve. She is 89 and going to be 90 in only a few months. We took her to the hospital today for an x-ray and was told she didn't look 89. No, she doesn't. She is the most sweetest person I know, even in her old age and sickness and I am so sick and sad over this whole thing. She keeps telling us (her children) she loves us. It is so heartbreaking to see and hear but I guess I tell her I love her, too. She has been my best friend in my entire life and just to see her this way breaks my heart. Does anyone agree with the VNA about putting her on the care that happens before hospice? Thanks

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I think its Palliative care. Hospice doesn't mean she is dying right now. The criteria has changed. Someone posted on the forum that they were so glad they decided on Hospice.
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