Anyone know if it's possible to get house calls by PCP or CRNP for elderly parents?


Grayson County, VA area. Are there doctors or nurse practitioners that will make house calls to visit elder home bound parents? Also, the ability to have therapy or blood work done in house?



Several years ago there was a company that provided MD/CRNP in-home visits to those patients that couldn’t get out to a doctor’s office. This service scheduled monthly appointments. In case of emergency the person would have to go to the ER - the provider was not available for 24/7 coverage.
This visiting doctor worked out pretty well for several of my patients. The doctor (or CRNP) could order lab testing as they also were contracted with a lab who provided phlebotomists that would go into the pt’s home and draw labs.
At the tail end of my HC career (2012) the company was phasing out MD home visits & I don’t know why. What a loss as that service was invaluable.
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I just heard today that a local Doctor has a NP he sends out to see homeboard patients. Ask your primary if he knows of a lab who comes to the home. Quest used to.
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If the person has a PCP, home nursing care can be ordered.

VISITING Physician Association ( VPA) members are available in many states.

START by calling the local Area Agency on Aging, but only if this is a non emergency situation.

IF YOUR elder is combative, lethargic, agitated or similarly out of character, call 911 and let them evaluate.
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