Does anyone here hire a nurse to care for your loved one at home? What advice can you give?

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Where are you located? What state?

I might be able to help directly or at least provide some guidance.
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There are state rules about licensing and the scope of practice that nursing can give. If there are specific needs such as giving insulin injections on a sliding scale you may be out of luck for a nurse. That is only for nursing home nurses. Handeling opiates is another. If it is about giving pills to swallow then that is quite different.

There are also different levels of care and costs if only a companion is needed. It depends if you are asking about a limited daily service or 24 hour care.
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I'm presuming that you're asking for a parent, but if the person is on Medicare for whatever...age, disability; speak with the person's doctor.
Depending on the Medicare medical plan, the doctor can write an RX for the type of in-home care is needed. It may be covered 100% or there maybe a scale for out of pocket.

Hiring a "babysitter" RN will cost a lot of money. There are nurse registry agencies that hire out (our daughter is an RN and she constantly receives calls from the county hospital she worked to hire out).
An Ron's salary starts, if you're lucky and depending where you live, around $35-$45 an hr.
In-home care outside of hiring thru an RN registry, average cost...around $3000-$6000 a month.
I looked into getting in-home for my Mother, talked with at least 1/2 doz agencies, 3 days a week only 3 hrs a day would cost me just under $2000 a month.
I talked with Medicare a week ago and I was told that I need Mom's SSN and Medicare # so they could help me find out what Mom's Medicare plan covers and I just need the doctor to write the RX as to what type of care she needs.
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