My mom's landlord will not respond to her emergency. Any advice?


Her air conditioning went out and it's over 80 degrees.

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Some states require the tenant to put the request for service in writing to the landlord.
If the Landlord does not respond in a required time further action by the tenant may be allowed.
Of course the local TV stations are not restricted by such laws and can put pressure on the Landlord.
There may be a business that rents floor type A/Cs.
Quickly check your state laws on Landlord/Tenant laws. She may be able to with hold payments or pay for repairs and deduct the cost from the rents.
But do all of this after you have followed the instructions about trying to keep her cool.
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If you cant help her or take her in .. Try to get her to go to a community center during the day ( if she can ) thats got AC. Or a senior Center. You can always arrange an uber and pay for it yourself to and back .. if necessary . So at least shes out of hte house in the major heat of day . If she cant leave, hydrate. and try to put ice packs on pulse points, top of head , back of neck etc. for a bit to cool yourself down .. We had some AC issues a couple years in a row. Only took a day or two and Mom was ok or went to my sisters but we did that and it helped. For me the ice on top of head really cooled things off.. Cant keep it there long but it lasts a while. or put some ice in front of a fan told that helps
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Guess we better start to take the scientists seriously: Global warming.
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littlequeen, how long has the air conditioning been out? With all this extreme hot weather it is not unusual for a homeowner to wait a full week to get service as everyone and their brother are calling service companies.

If a homeowner has a service contract with an air conditioning company, then those customers are placed on top of the list, thus bumping off non-contract homeowners. It's just the nature of the situation.
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Contact HUD, they can help address this derelict landlord.

Landlords have responsibilities to their renters, some are even laws because of this kind of neglect, get mom safe, then get this person on the radar of the agencies that handle these issues.

Your City government should be able to give you a complete list. I miss my blue pages in my phone book😞.

With there assistance you should see moms home be brought back to safe living conditions.

Thank God it's not over 100°.
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Because she is elderly and considered at risk in this heat, she needs to call emergency services before she becomes ill. Is there any way you can bring her to your house? Or anyone else in your family who could pick her up? Friends? Are there cooling Centers in her city she could get to? Emergency services will know if there are. If she has no phone, you need to call.
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Keep trying to contact the landlord and set up a fan. Make sure she stays hydrated.
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