We worry about fire, especially since she cooks and sometimes uses the oven. Her main health issues are short term memory loss. But her caregivers say she is in good mental health. Has some forgetfullness at times and repeats herself often. Has a beloved kitty she cares for also.

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Thank you all for responding. Sounds like we are doing what we need to. She has been with a low income elderly assistance program for over 3 yrs. now. She visits their center 2ce a week. They pick her up, have an aid visit her 2ce a week to take her to the store or help her with housework. She wears a call button in case of emergency. My sister and I call her every day. I live out of state year round, my sister lives out of state 6 mo. a year. My husband and I visit her every year which gives me a chance to observe her. We were there in September for 10 days. She does well. Takes care of kitty including litter well. She has been mentioning she may need assisted living soon as she does get tired. She says she will let us know when she wants that. I worry when that day comes and I know she will go downhill fast when that happens, as she likes her privacy and will not like sharing a room or having to adhere to required daily routine. That is a big fear for her. And having to leave her kitty. So I guess we are ok for now. Thanks again for all the wonderful advice. 😊
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If she is having short term memory loss and repeating herself a lot, I'd make arrangements to stay with her in her apt for a couple of days. That way you can observe how she's REALLY doing. Dropping in and seeing people for a few minutes or even an hour may not really reveal their issues. How often are her caregivers there? I'd confirm what they are telling you too. I'd use the time to check dates on items in fridge, is she turning off stove, fully cooking the food, washing hands, etc. I'd keep check and perhaps develop a plan, should she need other arrangements.
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I don’t know about liability, but just from a piece of mind perspective would disconnect the oven and pay the caregivers more to prepare meals that can be microwaved, or bring in takeout. You could tell her that it’s broken. Even in Moms independent living apartment most stoves were disconnected. Her short term memory issues may cause her to forget to turn off a burner.
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No, you and your siblings can't be held responsible if your mom falls or becomes ill or has any kind of a mishap at home. Elderly people fall, they become ill, and they have mishaps. She has a caregiver looking out for her as well. You wouldn't be held liable under these circumstances.
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I hope that your name is not on the lease, but if it is, then here is an opportunity to get her to move out. You can disconnect the oven but then someone will have to pre plan her meals that she can microwave. If you are worried, then you recognize a red flag. Good for you. You will have to be a step ahead at all times. Keep an eye on the kitty.  
You and sis may want to come up with a plan to do wellness checks on a schedule.  Maybe share with the meals
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