My mom cannot get up and down our apartment stairs to get to doctors appointments. We can not currently move. Is there help available?



Thank you everyone. I will look into all suggestions.
Mom has several doctors.
She was doing the stairs with help, but feels she is to weak to keep doing this.
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Ask the doctors' offices if they make house calls or if they can refer you to someone who does make house calls.

It became so difficult for us to take Mom to the doctor the last couple months before she passed. It never occurred to us to ask if her primary doc made house calls. He volunteered the fact that he made house calls! What a wonderful man (and not just because of his one house call before she died).
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Some doctors are part of a hospital and/or hospital system that offers free or discounted transportation services if a patient can't drive. Some local public transportation companies offer disabled transport services. Is that dr independent or associated with a hospital chain? And yes check with medicare/insurance plan.

Also depending on the purpose of the visit maybe a home nurse can take some readings and evaluate for/report back to the doctor?

Also would physical therapy help your mom walk up and down stairs?
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FF is right. We deal with this, too. What FF has suggested in really the only way other than finding a doctor who makes house calls.
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mirdaughter, the only thing I can think of is for your Mom to order a "transport" ambulance that will come to your apartment and help get Mom down the stairs safely, there is usually a driver and a Medic on board, and the transport will drive Mom to her doctor's appointment, and later come back to pick her help.

It all depends on if your Mom can budget for the cost, or you can check to see if Medicare, or if your Mom is on Medicaid, if they will pay for the cost of this transit.
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