There must be something I can do to help him accept this.

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See my post to unitetogether “No More Sex Ever for Me???” on Sept 19.

I, too, had a radical prostetectomy. There are meds that might help, and implants are also available. Have him, and you, talk to his urologist. Unfortuneately, there are no meds to eliminate one's libido.

I hope the two of you can work it out.
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In your profile, you say that your husband suffers from Alzheimer's/dementia. If that's the case, his 'urges' can be attributed to something called Inappropriate Sexual Behavior or ISB which is common with dementia. He probably doesn't comprehend that he can no longer function sexually, thereby causing all this distress and frustration.There is no reason for you to be 'accommodating' to him when the act is painful for you to endure. Have a chat with his doctor to let him know what's going on and there are medications that can be prescribed for ISB.

In the meantime, tell him your shop is closed for repairs and that perhaps you can ease his frustrations manually (or something). My sympathies for what you're going through. But don't think you 'have to' do anything that causes you pain and discomfort, ok?

Best of luck!!
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