I currently live with and already take care of them, but I heard there are ways to get paid for doing all that I do. Just was wondering if anyone could give some guidance as to where I should start with all of this?

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In Pennsylvania, they have programs thru some of the Care agencies that you train and work thru them but can care for a family member. This way taxes and SS are taken out. Try calling in your area.
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This is the most commonly asked question on the site. There are a lot of threads and articles on this topic.
If the person has income or savings, they can pay you directly for the care you provide from the money they get from social security, pensions or other income.
If the person is on Medicaid, some states have a "cash and counseling" program that will pay family members for care. Some states only pay for medical level of care and require that caregivers take classes and be certified. No state will pay a caregiver for 24/7 care. Most pay 20-30 hours of care per week maximum. The programs are administered through Medicaid in each state, and each state's requirements are different. You can start looking with regard to the mother with stroke by contacting the Area Agency on Aging in your county/state and they will have various contacts that you can follow up with. If the autistic person is receiving services from the state, you can sometimes get reimbursed from the Disability Services department for the state (called different things in different areas). But typically the person has to be on Medicaid to apply for a Medicaid waiver to pay helpers at home, and many states have a waiting list to get help. The sooner you start looking, the sooner you can identify and sign up for resources.
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