My dad (92), Strong, mentally stable, sits and watches television all day and does nothing else. He has the energy to go out for lunch, to bars 3-4 times a week. My mom who is 89, cannot do it all. She has nerve pain in her shoulders and leg. It has become too much for her to take care of my father constantly, when he is capable himself. He is sooo lazy when he is home. If we ask him to do something in or around the house he complains he is short of breath, but never short of breath when he is out drinking and having lunch. Any suggestions?

Dad is out having fun and enjoying himself.
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Mincemeat is right. As long as she wears herself out caring for him, he’s not going to change. You need to pitch in and help the lady out.
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Hire her a house keeper one or two mornings a week. A 92 year old man from that era, where the little woman does all, is NOT going to change.

Do It for her.
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