My dad (87) has been sleeping in his recliner, in his street clothes and hasn't been interested in much more. Last month we thought he had cancer but it now seems like it was an obstruction that caused him major jaundice. He has been in a funk and I can't seem to get him out of it. My mom (84) and I'm worried about her, has been taking care of him and he's becoming argumentative and more stubborn as the days go by. I'm exhausted- single, no children, not great support system. How do I move him out of the recliner and back to moving - he's losing muscle mass and I'm afraid there will be no turning back as best mostly taken to the recliner and the TV remote only get out to eat to use the bathroom.

yes, thanks am working on pushing him out of it and it was looking better yesterday and I do get mean. May talk to doc about antidepressants.
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Kind of sounds like a major depression--and the longer he stays ensconced in that recliner the worse it will be.

After my DH had 2 major heart attacks, he would NOT get out of bed. I was going crazy with him just lying there, day after day at age 64--just given up.

A stern talking to by his cardio doc and a return of antidepressants and the motto 'GET UP, SIT UP, STAY UP' became our motto.

Sadly, I had to get downright mean to make him move. I hate to be that way, but I wasn't nursing him through yet another illness with no hope of a good outcome.
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Have you discussed it with his doctor? I'd likely see if he can get consult with doctor and let doctor know what's going on. It could be any number of things, like UTI, depression, etc. I'd ask about the recliner and see if it's harmful. I know some people who regularly sleep in a recliner, due to health reasons. They can't sleep in bed for some reason. I don't know if that's helpful or not.
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