They're having problems with nutrition and hygiene. They need our help its obvious, and don't want to see something really bad to happen to prove it. My MIL has dementia and FIL has mobility issues, diabetes, high blood pressure. Don't really know how to get them to give in and let us handle some responsibilities for them. Any suggestions on how to handle this. They don't eat right, she cooks in grease grease grease, and their hygiene needs addressed.

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It is difficult for them to accept the fact that they need help. I see that with my mom and yes, the cooking habits that you mentioned are the same here. It is hard to stand by and watch. In the beginning, when I first arrived to be her sole caregiver, I would mention her faults...too much oil, too much mayonnaise in everything, etc. She balked and the defense mechanism kicked in. With much prayer for God's guidance and strength, have forged ahead in providing the main meal of the day. They are salt free, less oil and mainly chicken, lean meat, and some type of vegetable, of which she usually refuses to eat. Each day when the meal is presented, there are complaints that it is not tasty enough or the meat is too dry, but guess what she is eating it. So on it goes. The hygiene is a factor as well. Usually, when she is off sitting somewhere, I go into the bathroom and clean it up. A lot of behind the scenes activity. It is a thankless job and until one has full guardianship, there is not much one can do if they refuse the help.

Have received a lot of encouragement from this web site and it is good to know there are others on this site facing the same difficulties with their loved ones. Lord bless.
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