My mother asks how my husband is doing and how he is good at fixing things. She says a lot of nice things about him. Then when I take him to visit, she tries to stab him with a fork and tells him the devil is waiting to take his soul to hell. It upsets his children that she treats him that way. I wonder if she knows what she is doing. She has dementia but sometimes she is the sweetest and other times she is mean as a snake.

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Robin, have your Mom tested for a Urinary Tract Infection. Such an infection in an older person can cause outbursts. This infection can be controlled with antibiotics.
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She does know him as ur husband. Must think he is someone else.
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I doubt that she knows what she's doing or maybe even who he is. There's a difference between asking about your husband and recognizing him when she sees him. Very upsetting. I hope your children can understand that grandma's mind is not her own anymore and she is not responsible for nor does she mean the horrid things she says. If they can't understand or are too young, maybe they should not visit her anymore to limit their exposure to such behavior.
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