My mother has dementia and she packs up her things daily and request to go home although she is in her home that she has resided in for 24 yrs. She will go outside and try to put her things in neighbors cars. Has anyone else experience this behavior and if so how did you handle it?

I would honestly be more concerned with Mom wandering around outside through the neighbor’s yards and accessing their cars than her packing her things and wanting to go home. Wanting to go “home” is a common lament of people with dementia. When they say this, there is no arguing with them. My own mother wanted to go to her childhood home of the 1920’s. I told her that her “Daddy” was at work and that “Mummy” was shopping at the store so no one was home.

If your mom leaves your home regularly, you might want to consider high-up locks or at least an alarm in case she decides to leave at night.
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She may mean her childhood home. Not the one she now lives in. I never had this problem hopefully another member will.
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