She sounds little kid whiny.

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thanks for the advise
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I believe that people suffering from Dementia go back in time. The shortterm goes first then longterm. I watched my Mom go from forgetting my Dad to forgetting she had children to acting like a child. Her expressions on her face were childlike. I think in later stage she thought I was her mother. So, think of her as a child with actions of a child. May be easier. I used to think the staff talking to the Dementia residents like children was awful until I realized their minds sre like a childs.
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Dementia can erode the filters that connect what goes through the mind and what comes out of the mouth. It could be that your mom hung onto her complaints, never giving them a voice, until she got dementia. Now her filters between what she thinks and what she says are broken. This is common with dementia. It can also be very annoying.
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