I am disabled W/ no transportation. My mom can't remember plans we make concerning coming to my home, helping me ( take me to store ) and has forgotten them all in the last 6 months, she offered to move me in to help her and constantly ( over 30 ) times thinks I have changed my mind.
I here her talking to others when we are on the phone I ask who she is talking to she clams to be alone.
( I hear her say “it's Mike just a minute” ) She rages out of control the cry’s for hours she believes that I am trying to as she says “ hood wink” her she refuses to go with me and know with the death of my brother and her brother-in-law things are out of control. Its just me and her We live 3 county’s apart & I can no longer provide that kind of support. Are there any local Departments ( in or near MC. Duffy county )
Augusta GA.

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Contact the local adult protective services in Augusta. Have you spoken to her doctor? She does sound like she needs help with memory and perhaps needs either a full time caregiver or placed into a memory care facility.
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I don't know your area but most cities have transportation special for elders/disabled. The problem is that someone has to schedule this for her. Most of these services are door-to-door, not always on the city bus line. So, if she had a doctor's appointment, you might be able to make the appointment for her transportation and I don't know if they would talk to her to remind her where she's going and why.

The same goes for you. If you are disabled and without transportation, many of the services are for both disabled and senior, so you might also be eligible for rides to the places you need to go.

I would try your city and county web-sites and, if you don't see anything, write to your city/county bus/transportation people to ask if they know of any such programs.
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