My mom is severely disabled, able to walk w/ walker/supervision needed. I have a lady who is unexperienced caring for her because it is inexpensive. We can't afford a lot. My mom's dementia makes it more difficult, arguments sometimes break out. I would like to send this lady to a class on dealing w/ dementia, but she has no car. Is there one in our area 33442? I also have questions on joint finances as I am POA and all my mom's $$ is on my name as of Feb 2018. I don't know what I need to do. The expert lawyer I consulted was $350 and wants $8000 to help more. Anyone? :!!!!! TY

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There are a lot of on line videos that could help this caregiver gain some insight.
That can be done free in your home or hers.
You can contact the Alzheimer's Association and see if they have any programs going. I have been to several of their programs and they are well worth the time most are held in a local area. The one I attended was at the local Senior Center.
Also there are many books that this caregiver can read that will also help.
You also need to have a written plan as to how you want things done, how you expect the caregiver to act, interact, and react. I say written because it is so much easier to refer back to something and say this is what we discussed previously. It also help train a new hire.

Also side note here.
Is Mom a Veteran? If so the VA might be able to help.
Also is mom Hospice eligible? If so they can help you with equipment as well as some education for you as well as your caregiver.
If money is an issue check into low or no cost legal help for seniors. You yourself may not qualify but these are legal services for your Mom.
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Your mother's money is all in your name?

How was that transfer made, and why?

Have you applied for Medicaid for your mother; it sounds as though she needs more supervision that can be given by one person in a private home.
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