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Rx of Ativan worked for Mom. They are VERY small pills and you might even have to split those in quarters. Seroquel was Rx'd initially for her delusions (and being combative at helpful -- interferring -- aides and nurses while hospitalized). This has strong warnings against using on dementia-elderly, and sure enough there were severe side effects after a few weeks. Rigor mortis like muscle stiffening, facial and tongue contortions, choking, and "Seroquel anger."

Whatever drug, the way I looked at it was this: I kept note of Mom's triggers (usually dentures coming loose) and stayed on top of that...and that using the drug was NOT stopping huge dramatic cinematic whacko episodes, but stopping normal behavior from even starting down that path. Seems with Ativan we have cut the fuse between an upsetting situation and having it even start into a fit. With Mom, it was simply to take that spark off.

She's had major upset situations (a fall, nighttime fecal incontinence, chaotic hairdresser salon, and of course dentures loose), and these didn't blow out of control. And it's ok in my book if she gets upset like anyone would at something, but there is a world of difference with this new Rx.

Good luck. And the sundowner stuff may play into this, so changes in lighting.
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