They say she’s beginning to shut down. Is this true? But her hands and feet are sometimes warm when this happens. Makes me a little nervous. Dr. doesn’t seemed concerned.

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Hi Buckiiz
my mom nor her sisters nor her aunt who lived from 95 to 104 had blue anything but hair if they were so inclined. My mom would say she was worried about oxygen. We (her children) would all take our O2 and hers would be the best in the room. Let’s face it, anyone living over the average is anyone’s guess as to why.
I would take my lead from her doctor. He probably has little more personal experience than you do for folks of advanced age so doesn’t pretend to know.
Maybe Midkids dr lives in an area where they see many of that age. My relatives were superstars. They weren’t on oxygen nor did they have Alz or dementia but they died anyway. Most do by 100. Almost all do by 110. Your mom is long past the aversge life span but I wouldn’t give too much credence to blue skin tones as a cause of death.
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At 97, your circulatory system is shutting down--blue toes and fingers are normal, She's not o-satting well enough, and she could be put on oxygen, if the drs felt it was necessary,

For both my grandmas and daddy & FIL, the blue tinged extremities were warning signs. Dad and FIL were on oxygen, but seemed to not really make a lot of difference. Just maybe they were less fatigued--

But, 97? Mom has long outlived the average life span. I'd mentally prepare for the end. It's better to do it now, while they may want a say in something..or not. Your call.

Drs. aren't concerned b/c they see this every single day and it's not they don't care, they just realize that her age combined with the Alz. is a lose-lose situation.
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Buckiiz Feb 2019
Thank you for your answer. I truly am preparing myself for that ending. I’ve been taking care of her 24/7 for the last 8 years. My health is becoming quite compromised due to extreme stress. Maybe I need a break. I have family but they are thousands of miles away.
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