My loved one has trouble swallowing without choking. Any advice?

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She's been sleeping 15+ hrs a day, and said she wakes up and don't know where she is? Does someone know what I should do?

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You get her to the MD ASAP and have her diagnosed, there is clearly something serious going on. Today. No delays.
agree with pam. Sounds like something neurological and needs immediate attention. all the best!
I would be more concerned with the swallowing then not knowing where she is. As Pam suggested, make an appointment for mom asap. This issue definitely needs a professional's attention. Good luck.
My mom has this issue with the swallowing. She been to several specialists and nothing is physically wrong. They say it is neurogenic. Been a problem for 4-5 years. Makes eating difficult. She can get disoriented when she first wakes up but then is fine once awake and getting ready.
This is dysphasia. Give only soft or pureed foods, nothing with multiple textures. Use the crock pot for all foods; veggies and even meats can be softened easily after 4-6 hrs in the crock pot for great meals! Make scramble led eggs in microwave and soften things in microwave. I lived with this with my dad, and had to accommodate.
And the cause of the dysphasia is..?

Pam was right first off and I sincerely hope you have already taken her advice. Any news?
MIL had the same problem and did choke - ended up with aspiration pneumonia -- speech therapist did swallowing test - they xray as she's swallowing. There was nothing antomically wrong. It was a symptom of Lewy body dementia.
Very first thing would have been to get to either a doctor the ER. As for swallowing, my dad had a minor stroke. He's almost 95. I noticed in the hospital that he coughed horribly. They changed his diet to chopped food, but let him drink regular soda, juice, etc. Now at rehab, the speech pathologist has him on a chopped diet and they put a thickening agent in his liquid. The problem is that the unthickened liquid would be aspirated, leading to more problems. Hopefully with the daily monitoring of the speech pathologist and perhaps a barium swallow test at a hospital, he can go back to regular liquid again. Please, take your mother to be evaluated by a physician immediately!
My dad had the same problem and ended up with aspiration pneumonia. The speech therapist worked with him for several weeks, and while he is much improved, he still has to be sure his food is well cut up and he uses a powder thickener in all his liquids. While he doesn't like the texture of the liquids very much, the problem has not returned (this is six months later). I agree with Pam. Getting her seen by a doctor is extremely important. Had we realized sooner how serious this was, he may not have spent three months in the hospital and rehab. Good luck with this.
She needs to see an MD for a referral to a Speech
Therapist who will evaluate her swallowing and DX where the problem may stem from. (The MD too will probably due a scan to look for a stroke) Additionally to providing direct treatment, the speech therapist will guide you what to feed your mom, if you need to thicken the water, puree the food, etc You do not want her aspirating and sucking the food down her lungs, which opens up a great number of dangerous consequences,. Speech therapy is available through a skilled home health medicare agency and is considered a skilled service under Medicare A with no cost to you. If you go to Out patient, it will be covered under Medicare B and you pay 20% with a set limit on what treatment will be paid for.

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