Mom had her latest fall (on the back porch- it took her 3 + hours to get to a phone to call me... she forgot she was wearing a life alert button) and it scared her enough to agree to the move. I have POA and Medical POA. I have contacted her finance people about the added monthly expenses. I saw questions on this site about long term care and Medicaid, Dr visits and medical decisions, taxes, etc. So now I am wondering what other questions I may need to answer before she moves to make sure she is cared for in the best way possible.


PS: There are many topics this could fall under.

Find out about transportation services to visit doctors if she is still competent. This may be limited.

Look at the monthly entertainment schedule. There should be activities every day.

Does staff order meds, or is family responsible? Does family need to fill pill boxes? If needles are involved, what can nurses do under the contract?

IF disposable underware is needed, who provides or what are the cost differences if the facility provides? You will also need to order cases of disposable gloves if needed. It will cost much less if family can help with stocking, using her money. My mom's personal expenses are about $200 each month, including s weekly hairdresser.

Is there an on site hairdresser? It is very convenient if she is less mobile. Sometimes those costs are a bargain and other times costs a little more.

Can she self manage toenails? Can someone take her for pedicures or will it be needed on site? That arrangement will require a visiting podiatrist. Family can choose to help with this.

Meal quality? Usually you are invited to come for a meal as a potential resident.

Each year the rent increases, so ask what that potential increase may be.
IF there are memory problems, ask if the place has progressive tiers so that she can age in place without a major move somewhere else. Realize that a next level will have increased costs.

Depending on mom's needs, does she need a secure place so as not to wander.

How many hours per day of self care is needed? Those who need a lot may be subject to extra charges.

Travel to local churches?

Laundry? Expect some clothing losses ( mostly socks and washcloths).

Her ultimate decision may result from friends in the community, food, or the recreation activities. Please do not make a choice just on costs. Rents will go up and if the choice is a couple hundred dollars, that will not hold. You sometimes get what you pay for.

IF mom lived in the community for decades, as she takes a walk through, she may recognize former friends. Get her opinion when you take her.

If she needs memory care, ask the marketing rep if they have info about tax deductions. Her rent may be claimed ip to 37 to 43 %. If the do not, find out from a tax accountant.
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lovemymom42 Sep 18, 2018
Thank you for this advise. Most everything was addressed in my visit to the facility we are looking into. I did not ask about yearly rent increases, yet. She is seeing a neurologist next week to address the memory care, however, this facility is not a "memory care" one. I will still ask them and her tax accountant. Thank you again.
Congratulations she has agreed! This is half the battle. Aside from the falls, realistically what else does she need help with? Investigate what Activities of Daily Living entails. I would visit a nearby facility and have them explain how they charge. Usually there’s a base price, then additional charges are added on depending if she needs more help with specific tasks like toileting, taking meds etc. These facilities are usually private pay, just FYI, at least for a time period. This is where I’d start to get more information, and then you could expand your search to other ALs in your area, as their care and payment structure may not be identical.
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lovemymom42 Sep 18, 2018
Thank you for your response. Mom saw the apartment she will moving into and is looking forward to it! week later! We left a deposit or "community fee" as they called it. We spoke with the health coordinator and did an assessment of Mom's needs. The only answer we didn't get was how much more it will be for someone to clean her cat boxes (any amount is worth it if you ask me!!). Thank you again.
I'd figure out if she has Long Term Care insurance coverage and if so, what it covers. Do you think that she would qualify for Medicaid. Each state is different, but, most states she would need to require skilled nursing care and meet the financial requirements with a minimum monthly income and assets. Does she have accountants or a trustee that handles her money?

When you know what she can afford or qualifies for, I 'd tour those that are nearby and ask for referrals from people you know.

I'd make notes on what you know about her needs and discuss with her doctor. You may need a form completed as to her medical and mental condition that states what her needs are. How many of her daily activities does she need assistance with? Have you stayed in her house and observed what she really can and can't do for herself like, meals, bathing, changing, taking meds., etc. Objective responses help with the assessment. That way you can know what level of care she really needs, like AL or Memory Care, or Nursing Home.

I wouldn't be surprised if she forgets that she agreed to go to AL. That happened to me a few times. Still, eventually, we go there though.
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lovemymom42 Sep 18, 2018
Thank you for your response. We visited a close facility, saw her apartment, and she still wants to move! Yay! I haven't checked on her insurance yet, but have spoken with her financial people, her tax accountant, and most of her doctors. She has spoken with most of our close family and they are all happy for her move. Thank you again.
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