Once in a while no biggie but she does it all the time. Including dinner table. She can't hear and so she doesn't know how loud she is. I'm not being picky. I'd put up with it but it grosses the rest of my family out.  She is quick to get insulted and then want not to associate with the family. She lives with me so I feel between a rock and hard place. Do I tell my family to deal with it or try and discuss with her?

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OverwhelmedMe01, I see from your profile your Mom has been living with your since 2004 after a hip replacement.

As your Mom ages and if she begins with memory issues, you will wish all she had was the sniffing. One has to learn to pick their battles as time goes on. Just ignore the sound, tell the family to ignore it, and eventually they will be deaf to the noise.

My Mom [98] use to keep tissues tucked in a long sleeve shirt at her wrist, so she would always have a tissue available. Try doing that and see if your Mom will get use to it. Otherwise, as Rainmom had mentioned, place tissues boxes around the house.
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I agree with Vegas but I'll put it another way.

Buy several boxes of Kleenex and put them in every area your mother frequents.

My son has sevear autism and is nonverbal. But you'd be amazed at the huge repertoire  of sounds he makes - humming, but not in a musical way, clicking, short bursts of babble and slurping- the slurping is the worst - he has a tendency to suck on his fingers. Then there are the toys - he has a number of push button toys that talk or play music. Some of these toys are capable of literally hundreds of sound combinations. Yet - my darling boy hits the same one button over and over and over and then he hits it some more.

But it is also amazing what you can either get use to or learn to tune out.
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So always provide tissues for her and get over it.
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