My mother's early memory loss seems to be a little better based on the memory aids that she and I have been working-out for her.

She would like to learn more ways to remember things and to preserve her memory as much as she can. I thought I could find books of tips and/or exercises.

That's just the problem, though -- I found so many that I don't know where to start. Does anyone have an particular book that they think has been helpful?

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I appreciate that but Mom's really having mobility problems that we're trying to address. Her doctor's know she has no stamina and can barely stand for any length of time, so I can't do a lot about the exercise, right now. I'm really just looking for brain activities, at this point.
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I don't know about books, but I did see on NIH website and hear from doctors that research shows that most benefit can be gained from regular exercise and physical activity. They say that seniors who remain active or do some physical activity (whatever they are capable of) daily is the best way to keep the mind sharp and brain healthy. This has to do with dopamine in the brain, promoting arterial circulation and stimulating neurons.

Research is advocating exercise stimulates all areas of the brain which can benefit memory.
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