Where can my Mother volunteer?

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She is recently retired, and needs to fill her time. She needs the structure that a job provides.

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See if there's a Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in your community. I was on the local board for awhile and was amazed at the number of hours these happy seniors put in. RSVP is part of Senior Corps. Try this website: http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/senior-corps/rsvp
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Try finding online!
Your county office of the aging should have some opportunities.
Council on Aging, Food Bank, Red Cross, United Way, school system (to read.)
Our local newspaper prints volunteer opportunities weekly. Lots of interesting places, libraries, hospitals, schools, food pantries, Red Cross, etc. We have a group that makes quilts to donate - the opportunities are endless - you just need to look for them.
If she has a church, they might have some ideas. Many run clothing stores or need coffee ladies for Sunday mornings. Also, see if your grade school needs volunteer tutors and readers.
Where does she live? A lot more information please. Can she look in the yellow pages, yes, we seniors still do that. Social clubs, cancer centers, any hospital, all the various charities, etc. Lots of places, people to meet. Just get out of the house and ask! Good luck to her.
She should also consider helping animal shelters.
Try your local public library. They may need people to help with children's programs, book sales,or other activities . Some libraries have "friends of the library " clubs that run fund raising events.

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