My mom (with dementia) lives alone and has started moving her daily meds around in the weekly container. For example, she had already taken last Sunday - Wednesday, but didn't take Thursday, Friday, or Saturdays (not sure which day she didn't take them) but she moved one of those days pills to the Sunday spot. Any suggestions are appreciated.

She obviously can't live alone and needs help, supervision. What do you think?

She'll keep making mistakes with the medicine, and she probably has made mistakes with other important matters that you may not have noticed yet.
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Your profile says your mother is living in your home. If you plan for her to continue there, you’ll need to lock away all medicines now and give her each medication as she needs it. This isn’t a behavior she can change or do better with, and sadly, it will worsen. Consider strongly that a medication error by her could make her situation so much worse, please don’t chance her having access again. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this change and wish you the best in adjusting
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There are containers which lock and have set alarms and only that times meds will be available . She wouldn't be able to see the others.
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Mom should not be living alone. She should not be in charge of her Meds. You either hire an aide to be with her, move her in with u (which I do not recommend) or place her in an Assisted Living if she can afford it. If she can't afford it, then it will need to be Long term care with Medicaid paying.

It's only going to get worse. I would call her PCP and explain what happened. Blood tests can be done to see how much medication is in her system.
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Mom has reached a point where she needs supervision.
Not a total comparison but you would not let a 4 year old be in charge of their medications would you?
She may have already reached a point where she needs supervision in the bathroom and for most if not all of her ADL's (activities of daily living)
Now I am a bit confused. You say in your profile mom lives with you yet your post indicates she is living alone.
If she is living alone she should not be. If she is living with you but in a little apartment you need to step in and be there more.

You also mention that you feel that your spouse and your mother could do more for themselves.
I can not comment on your husband but wanting your mom to do more...that ship has sailed.
She might try to do more but in some cases her doing more may make more work for you.
Give her tasks that she can do and if she finishes, great if she doesn't no big deal.
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Your mother is no longer safe living alone. Either hire help in the home or place her in a memory care facility.
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elmer1 May 15, 2023
There is no other answer.
My mom would take two days of meds at a time. I had to pay someone in her apartment building to go in and hand her meds twice a day. They were kept in a lock box. We had two trips to the ER for taking excessive amounts of blood thinner. She now lives in assisted living.
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People with dementia shouldn't live alone past the very early stages. Medication non-compliance and errors is one of the reasons for that.

Consider contacting the local Area Agency on Aging and asking for a "needs assessment".

Be there for the assessment, because your mom most likely thinks she is taking her meds correctly and will report that.

It sounds like mom needs, at the very least, someone to hand her her pills each and make sure she takes them.
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As already said, your mom should no longer be living by herself. She's no longer safe.
Best wishes in figuring out the next steps in her care.
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Hi ima777,

I am dealing with this at the moment. There is no answer when we can’t remember which day it is or if we have already taken them. Missing pills is one thing. Possible overdosing is now also possible. Your Mom needs someone to administer her meds. Hope you can find someone.
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