Mail they should not receive. Am I alone? -

Mail they should not receive. Am I alone?


My father is 90 years old, a WWII veteran and should not live in fear from month to month that his SS check will be cut off. he always pleasantly surprised to have gotten the most recent one. There are several organizations that call themselves P.A.C.'s but are no more than scams. They solicit money from gullible people (or folks who just can't see what they really are). My dad is overdrawn this month because of them. I have requested of several that they stop sending, but they won't. which tells me they are not what they say they are.
He can't remember to keep his check register so I have had to take the checkbook and divert his mail to my address. Am I alone with this mail problem or are there other victims. Please check your elder parents acct's and mail, if they answer one they will get lots more.

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AND to add to Babalou's response, you can also close down the current account, open a new one and have direct deposit to the new one. this may help if (somehow) an automatic withdrawal has been arranged by the scammers.
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Why is your father fearful that his SS will be cut off?

You CAN have his mail diverted to a PO Box, or to your home for safety and peace of mind. Wouldn't it be better to have his SS done by direct deposit?
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Marylou, at the top right of this page you will see a "search site" box... type in MAIL and you will see numerous questions asked by others about mail to their elderly parents house, sweepstakes, etc. Thus, you are not alone.

After reading your post, I foresee that happening in my parent's very near future as Dad keeps losing bills within the piles of papers on his desk :P
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No, you are not alone with this problem. I have to monitor our mail because my husband does not understand insurance statements (just one example) anymore and gets really confused when trying to read and figure them out. Confusion turns to anger - and yes, we had a call a few weeks ago from someone soliciting money - and he gladly said he would give them $200.00!!!
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