Following up on a conversation with a caregiver whose husband has cancer (don't know what sort) and who has been given a list of foods to avoid in order to reduce his magnesium intake.

What she hasn't been given is a more helpful list of foods that are fine, or even a cookery booklet with tasty ideas in it. Sigh.

So I wondered if anyone else is following this advice from their oncology team and can point me in the right direction?

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Pop, high fat food, salt and alcohol. You can google hypermagnesemia.
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I can see why you (and she) are having trouble, no matter how I alter my search parameters everything I've found is telling you how to increase magnesium, not lower it. I imagine avoiding the foods on her list and assuming everything else is acceptable is the way to go, the poor man needs to be able to enjoy some QOL after all, and with some side effect she can be thankful he is able to eat at all.
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