Looking for solutions for an 82-year-old man with stomach cancer who cannot pass solid food due to stomach tumor.

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My mother can only take liquids and has a delivery of IsoSource HN and Fibrsource HN. This is for G-Tubes/Pegs only. Its made by NestleHealthScience maybe they have other liquid nutrition's that can be taken orally.

Try this link i found for you.
Good luck
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There's Ensure and Boost, in the "Plus" versions for added nutrients.

I would ask his oncologist what she/he might recommend. Or contact the local Gilda's Club. In my experience they offer a wide variety of resources, and may know of some alternative to solid food.

Does that include pureed food? Or would that cause a problem as well?
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Boost is suppose to be pretty good as in ensure. Is her terminal? Is he on hospice?
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