My Mom gets a kick out of continuously asking questions, complaining or just being a nuisance! Picture a child constantly asking “how is air made” what time/day is it, are you sure? “ who, what, when, why, how repeat. A few yrs. ago, I would have her write info in a note book and appointments on a calendar, she mostly chose not to follow this plan, she just rather call and ask me several times a day. Now that she can hardly see to write it down, it’s nonstop questions and she thinks it’s funny, stating with a belly laugh how irritated I and others are when she does this but continues anyway. It seems to me rather compulsive,
(Dad would say nagging) I say neurotic!

Today I took Mom and Dad a talking clock that at voice command will tell the time, date, temperture. Pretty neat hunh? Well, I got it all set up and was trying it out with Mom, she said it's not going to work, you know I don't hear well, thanks for trying but you should take it back.

This would take away her every 45 min trips to the nurses desk to ask these questions. Silly me!

Please don’t jump down my throat, I just want to SCREAM but Mom would likely say, honey what’s the matter? I’m not hurting anybody, then she’ll play on her memory, age, I’m soosorry (guilt) Some may be memory but I know my Mom, she’s a talker of all times and I believe a lot this yaking is for non-stop conversation, yet she will NOT attend the 2x’s weekly “Reminisce Hour” at the Nursing Home, Heck, if she’d go she’d probably use up all of time


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You're right jeannegibbs, Mom says the samething about her 45 mins questioning least I get some exercise! Yeah but ask her to go to physical theraphy and she's got every excuse in the book!

It is a really neat clock...for someone who could appreciate it. Oh well, once again, I tried! If the phone rings from her before Wed, I'm playing loopy and ignoring the call. If it's an emergency...They will reach me!

I've screamed in short spurts, I'm smiling thru gritted teeth. I just want my freedom back.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.
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You go ahead and scream. Muffle it, please, so the neighbors don't call 911, but let it all out.

Whether it is compulsive or she has some dementia, who knows? It is clearly not an indicator of good mental health! Vent. Protect your sanity. Set boundaries. Try to see the funny side or the bright side. If she's going to the nursing station every 45 minutes, she must at least be getting some exercise, right? And (aside from driving you nuts) she really isn't hurting anyone. Some elders with mental issues do physically lash out, you know.

That sounds like a splendid clock! You are very resourceful. And she is very resistant!

Scream, smile, get back into the fray. You are a wonderful daughter!
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