Does anyone know of a clearinghouse or source for people who need non-medical live-in companions to assist those who wish to stay where they already live? Are there people who need live-in helpers who do not live outside of the client's home? Thank you.

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I had looked into this myself before moving my mom to assisted living. she insisted that she would stay in her own home, but 5 months in she now considers the assisted living house her home. Suggestions: Consider how trustworthy a live-in person would have to be, how much time off they would need, if someone else would have to come in to cover for them on their days off, how much they would have to be paid according to the care needs, insurance for someone working in the house, how much managing of the care person would be needed, etc. has lists of people looking for that sort of live-in job. They will do the taxes, paychecks, and background checks, but I suspect you will still have a lot to do yourself to manage the situation. I would like to know of experiences those on this site have had with live-in care.
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It does happen, usually to provide rent-free accommodation with a little housekeeping. Well behaved Asian students who can cook were strongly recommended to me! Find through a local university or college. You could look on a rental site for single women who are employed and looking for somewhere to live. Sometimes it depends on having a useful location. To find someone who will be at home during the day, you are probably looking for an older person, but you may end up with care responsibilities for them too. The level of companionship, and the tasks, are always negotiable. If they exceed the value of the rent, the person will need to be paid and it could be expensive.
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yourhelper Dec 8, 2018
Thank you for your feedback.  Any other ideas are always welcome.  Happy holidays to you and yours.

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