Hello I have a doctors note to start work at 10:00
I am a housecleaner for one family, I have had this job for 6 months
I THOUGHT this was the perfect job

It started on November 18 and it was 6 hours a day
Start time 10:30

In January
then she changed the hours to 5 hours a day
Start time 10:00
On April 14 2015
I then after handing her a doctor note that it would be necessary for me to start and keep my start hours at 10:00am

My employers wife then said I know that I did not start out the right way because my husbands assistant posted the job and I did not do it as I am a big procrastinator those were her words

But I really want to nap at 1 00pm she is 46 years old the reality is i am probably jealous because i have had to work since I was out of college I am sorry for being opinionated to those that think I am
I just want to do the job I was told and not have someone play games on my health issues
It also tells me how much they really care or she really cares

I am sorry that was not necessary

I feel angry as you know as we were getting along just fine and I think she wants to see how little she can pay me and how little hours she can charge

I feel it very wrong to go against a Dr Note I have NEVER BEEN SICK and ended up in the HOSPITAL ONCE this JANUARY and they were gone on vacation so were not part of it

I want you to start at 9 00am and work until 12 00 that is reducing the work from 6 hours to 3 hours actually in january from 5 to 3 2 hours.

I said what about my doctors note she stated that is not her problem

I live in Washington State
What are the laws
I know it is work at will
but if you have a doctors note
and it was only for 4 weeks
I feel it was really raw of her to do this the day she returns from a vacation
knowing this is the first day my doctors note was in use

There are some that state disability laws restrict this kind of behavior regardless of how many employees you work with

What are my opinions I am obviously looking now for another position
Frustrated Upset

I have two other jobs that total 12 hours
But this was my stable job making good money she just wanted to cut that in half Really America what is going on no wonder good wonderful trustful caregivers housekeepers are getting so tired of being stepped on In my 22 years as a career woman I know I used caregivers and housekeepers and I know without a doubt I thanked them over and above with a tip for the work they did as I truly believe that no one should have to clean up after another but this is paid work therefore I do it with a smile but then I am sick for 7 months not missing a day and the doctor said 1000 because that is the time I start and it gives me time to get my angry GUT Irritable Bowel Disease not syndrome in check

Is there anything that I can do besides what I am going to do move on

Beyond that how in the heck is one person going to clean an entire house of 6200 square feet in 3 hours a day
From 6 hours in November down to 5 hours in January and now 3 hours

PS My husband has been volunteering his hours
because it was not doable to do that entire house and clean
5 bathrooms and bedrooms in 3 hours

I am just in a position that I cannot believe it

I have been at this caregiving for a long time and it is really hard because those that are very wealthy seem to treat me the poorest and those with real life issues and real life financial problems seem to be real

I am not judging, just making a comment

Can anyone direct me on the legality of a doctors note If someone is not going to enforce it why do we waste doctors times

I also just found out that since I have been hired all the money I have paid into Federal Income Tax and Medicare and Social Security has not been forwarded to the government

wow what a day

You know what I cared for Suz 78 years old last year and I probably whined about her attitude and now she is gone
I am sorry
I am grateful to those that really love me for the work I do
S did she left me a great sum of $ in her will That is saying thank you with a big heart Thank you all for listening

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Livelifefull: Were you hired directly by the family or by a domestic work agency? An agency reports the government tax payments properly, and the agency is supposed to treat their employees more fairly. Unless the Labor Board can help you work out your present employment, it may be better to move on.
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For whatever reason you employer wants to change the terms; they could change again. You may like the job and/or the family, but maybe you need to move on and look for something else. Life is too short to be miserable and unhappy. Visit your local job service office. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.
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Quit work for these people. Find another job with hours that are agreeable to you.
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Dear Livelifefull,
I am so sorry to hear that your employer is being so hard on you. Take the advice of the two comments above, but also don't have your husband work with you for free and if they want you there only a couple of hours a day than work a couple of hours and leave. When they realize that the whole house cannot be cleaned in that small amount of time, then your employers will lengthen your time.
As for the IRS some contractors are self employed and are paid weekly or monthly. At the end of the year you will have to reemburse the money you owe back to the government.
I do this myself every year. Last year, I paid my income taxes and the rich guy that I worked for ASSUMED that I did not pay my income taxes because he never gave me the form as employers are supposed to by law. So, he waited until April 16th and threatened to turn me into the IRS and tried to blackmail me into agreeing to take $900.00 less PER MONTH to care for his wife living in my home. So I calmly asked him," What makes you think that I did not pay my income taxes? Please, by all means, turn me into the IRS because I am not taking any pay cuts."
I always pay my taxes, but just beware that your wealthy employer just might be looking for some such senario to use against you further down the road.
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Your doctor's note means absolutely nothing to an employer. On the other hand failing to forward your withholding is very interesting to the IRS and you should call them.
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A doctor will write out whatever you want. There are a few circumstances in which the employer must pay attention to the note; I don't believe this is one of them. In a free society you are free to take your services to someone who is not abusive. Most unfortunately it sounds like this is one of those occasions. If in doubt, you can always go visit your local office of Labor and Industries in Washington state. Stop in at the front desk, take your doctor's note, and explain your situation to the front counter staff. They can offer you good advice. If you have been wronged, they can help you with it.
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